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Simple Beading Tut's

Last Friday I volunteered to work the gift shop hours on Saturday Dec. 5, from 10-2pm at Grace Yoga Studio. That's in 2 days!!!!

If you weren't aware, I'm truly a mixed media artist that works primarily in pottery, but also in beadwork. I'm not terribly advanced at beading to perform beadweaving and intricate designs but I have acquired some skills over the years. This Saturday I will share tips and tricks I've learned over the decades I've beaded and I have a "grab bag" of over 70 different charms you can utilize.

I will offer up my collection of seed beads and crystals from which you can chose to make suncatchers, single strand mask lanyards, or braided lanyards. You will also have access to my tools. Each "kit" will be $5 to cover cost of materials. I will also have a couple brand new tools for sale as well.

All tools will be disinfected between uses and hands will be disinfected and/or washed before handling beads to protect from COVID. Needless to say, masks will be worn at all times. I will have a place to work outside as well. Feel free to message me for further details. Example images below.


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