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Wow! What a ride!

2021 is thankfully leading me on to quite an adventure. FairyCraft is now featured at 2 retail locations: Panther's Gate in Berthoud, CO and My Sister Knits in Fort Collins, CO.

With the transition into the retail world I've had to reassess pricing. I've decided to keep the pricing the same on the older items unless they have been placed into a store or submitted as part of an entry for an event. All new items will be featuring the updated pricing.

I've been meaning to photograph and post images of the 3-4 kiln loads of new items that have been fired along with the custom orders I've gotten, but life seems to being happening so fast! If you want to see the new items, please reach out to me and we can "chat." I'm hoping to finish a personal project that needs done before it gets too hot this coming weekend so I can focus on the new products.

Thank you so very much for your patience!!!

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