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Raku and Kintsugi

The Raku Process

Raku can be a very traumatic process of pottery. The glazed pot is heated in a kiln until it glows. Then it is rapidly removed and set on fire in a pile of wood and paper. During the process, micro fissures or cracks

are formed, therefore rendering the pot unusable for

food or liquid. Sometimes the trauma is too great and the pots crack or break.

The Art of Kintsugi

Kintsugi is an ancient art developed in Japan to satisfy a noble. A lacquer paste is used to bond the pottery back together. Then a combination of lacquer and gold is used to decorate and repair the crack or break. The process is very labor intensive and time consuming. I use a modern epoxy, resin, and real metal, such as copper, to repair the pots. My process is inspired by Kintsugi, although not authentic. My process takes less than a week, as opposed to the traditional multiple weeks.

The Personification of Kintsugi

The philosophy behind Kintsugi is that the pot has a history and should not be discarded due to a trauma (break.) The pot is repaired in a beautiful way that enhances it's history. Many people can relate to this with regards to their own personal trauma. The

trauma makes you stronger and more beautiful once

you are healed and the scar isn't to be hidden.

Pottery and Ceramic Repair

I am available to repair your personal pottery and ceramics. Please contact me for a quote.

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