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Copper Tube Ceramic Top Wind Chimes

Mixed Media


Bell Shape


Copper Tube

Wind Chimes

Bell Shape Ceramic Wind Chime

Materials:Glass & metal beads, nylon coated steel wire, copper, varnished wood, & stoneware.

Artisan crafted and designed, therefore each chime is UNIQUE.  The copper tube chimes are made with

real copper tubing and have been hand crafted for tone and appearance.  Each tube is carefully tuned and marked.  All copper is minimally treated with a light coat of wax or varnish and will tarnish over time.  The tubing may be cleaned with mild detergent and polished with copper polish.  The wood is coated in mariner's varnish to withstand the elements.  All wind chimes are intended for all weather.

These are mostly modular and repairable.

Please contact the artist for details, as well as to record your purchase for any future repairs or maintenance.

Limited 1 year warranty offered on materials and design.  Repairs offered for a nominal fee.  Subject to shipping charges.  Contact artist for more details.

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